Over Optimized or Under Optimized. We disect the optimization inside!

  In the past few months Google has really upped the game in terms of manually and algorithmically adjusting for what they deem to be artificially inflated or “over-optimized” online marketing tactics. Such updates and events … [Continue reading]

Attack of the Penguins! Google’s most recent update.

The guys and gals over at  Search Engine Watch (SEW) released an article today pertaining to the most recent Google update, Penguin, which hit the internet world by storm on April 26, 2012. If your website wasn't affected kudos to you! If you were … [Continue reading]

Should you buy followers on Facebook and Twitter?

Social networks are powerful tools for promoting your brand and attracting new readers for your blog or customers for your products. But if you have no followers, you have no audience, and your presence has no impact. Building a large following on … [Continue reading]

3 Fullscreen Photography Themes for WordPress


Today I was searching for a new photography theme for a friend of mine who is tossing around the idea of opening a photography studio. Since their website is quite dated, they asked if I could help get them into the 21st century. Since finding themes … [Continue reading]

Latest WooThemes Business Theme: Merchant

On April 12, WooThemes released 'Merchant'.  They have gone back to releasing awesome templates for general WordPress instead of WooCommerce themes! ...for now at least. Don't worry though, plans for having a custom WooCommerce plug-in for this … [Continue reading]